Windows 7 schedule auto shutdown

April 26th, 2009

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  1. Clintiii says:

    huh i cant modify the time and i cant delet it from task scheduler. its showing an error

  2. Admin says:

    Sorry,just found can not modify the time from task scheduler,but we can delete this job on task scheduler.

  3. subhash says:

    Hey when windows warns you that after 2 week your system will restart

    at 13 day run this command as administrator in command prompt:-
    slmgr -rearm

    this will reinstall your windows licence.. so no tension up to 3-0 days………

    again after 29 days do the same

    remark:- this command will not work more than 3


  4. Sreejith says:

    nice one 🙂

    keep posting

  5. Wladyslaw Janowski says:

    Just created in Win 7 (for testing) batch file named shutdown.bat, copied the text from your example, only changed the time. Then I’ve ran the batch file as administrator and could see in command window that a job was added. But when I’m opening Task scheduler now, I cannot see this task. What’s wrong? How can I delete the job or change parameters?
    What s the meaning of the parameters
    -s -t 60 -c ?

  6. Hamid says:

    I have also the same problem. I cannot find the task on task scheduler.

  7. JR says:

    -s shutdown
    -t time before shutdown in seconds
    -c Comment

  8. Sumaiyasa says:

    i have install timer nukr in my windows 7 enterprise eval, i had download from microsoft. if i waiting for some time when login, my pc auto restart if i have login, my pc normal

  9. Sumaiyasa says:

    i have install timer nuke in my windows 7 enterprise eval, i had download from microsoft. if i waiting for some time when login, my pc auto restart if i have login, my pc normal

  10. Pavel says:

    This tool has shutdown pretty extension for Task Scheduler:

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  12. anshul says:

    just set your date back. turn internet synchronization of clock to off.and enjoy using windows 7 ultimate release candidate without shutting down so far that u can manage with the wrong date

  13. Goran says:

    Can someone tell me what does this .bat file do (I have scheduled it) and what time should i put in if now is, perhaps, 00:01 hrs. How it prevents auto-restart and does it prevent it at all??

  14. Frank says:

    I’ve just set my date back and turn of the sync… waiting 2 hours for the surprise than i’ll come back -_-

  15. Frank says:

    it works but i took no chances and i also change the Bios
    clock’s date. ( year 2004 have the same day/month and the
    day’s number match for the year 2010 )

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english i’m french.

  16. venantas says:

    Hey, Iv got windows 7 RC 7100 ultimate and it’s automaticly shuting down every 2 hours, what trick can help me to remove this thing? sry for bad eng

  17. mot says:

    the same prob n here ! 😐 what can we do with our expired windows ?

  18. Antity says:

    Awsome thanks…. works like a bomb!

  19. Roofus says:

    @Venantas: get build 7600
    @mot: you can find a crack under 5 mins on google -_-
    but it be best if you reinstall with a cracked version

  20. Jim says:

    Maybe you should BUY IT if its shutting down every 2 hours….no?

    if not, ask your smarter friend for a copy. 🙂

  21. Anom says:

    Jim u must be a crack baby or a lil retarded… maybe their evaluation copy fits their scheme of things best or they dont wanna loss their programs nd files.. maybe they dont have the resources to “reinstall”… wat ever dude just save ur sarcastic comments. thanks!!!

  22. mido says:

    thanks thanks

  23. Jim says:

    Anom u must be a Dik Sukin Fag, Windows just doesnt shut down automatically every 2 hours for fun! They must have fuked sheet up like u do to horses, grow a brain and leave yo stinky ass comments to facebook!

  24. AbrukyFrancis says:

    How about this software:
    Windows 7 Shutdown Assistant
    -Help You schedule shut down windows 7, Write Notes and Run file, Program
    Windows 7 and Vista OS are Supported!

  25. Shankh says:

    Need something which can automatically shutdown the system after every 30 min or specified time.

  26. SRI says:

    It’s really niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  27. alex says:

    hey why is that using my system for about two hours it jus shutdown. i have windows 7 ultimate

  28. Mohammad Angel says:

    mmm nice I will do this to company 😀 and i think that 50$ over this are sooooooo cute 😛

  29. Sean says:

    I found it was better to leave the time frame out of the batch file when running it as a scheduled task. The windows task scheduler allows you to set the times and dates and reoccurences.
    @echo off

    shutdown -s -t 60 -c “GO HOME!”

    echo Done!


  30. Oliver says:

    Following the above methods didn’t work for me. I have windows 7

    What did work is this,

    click start, all programs, accessories, system tools, task scheduler

    In task scheduler,

    click action, create basic task

    In name, choose a name. Anyname. Avoid calling it “choose a name. Anyname.”

    pick how reguarly you want the task to run

    choose the time you want it to run

    select start a program

    in program/script type


    in add arguments type


    proceed to end of wizard

    You should now be able to find it in the task scheduler library

    Edit the details by right clicking on your new task and selecting properties

  31. Bruce says:

    Great instructions, neat solution, thanks very much. I have spent some time looking at vbscripts and command prompts. This solution was the simplist. Windows 7 has some good improvements over XP.

  32. Aditya says:

    oliver is true it really working we all can go for that

  33. arwan says:

    hey, you can go to this site for the further information!!
    it has the tutorial :

  34. SujitSK says:

    Windows Explorer.exe fails to respond during shutdown in Windows 7 Ultimate. A dialog box is displayed prompting the user to “Force Exit” or to wait. Is there a registry edit to resolve this?

  35. hd player says:

    Thank alot.

  36. hd player says:

    I want to ask something.
    How I create .Bat?

  37. hd player says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    Your article is very well.
    Made someone include me to know somethink.

  38. mountain says:

    this one ok.. bt if i want to do the same task by particular month and particular date..then how ???

  39. nayan says:

    dint work

  40. admin says:

    Hi,please try add option -f to force running applications to close without warning users.(Might loss unsaved data)

    shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c

  41. Ashwin says:

    There’s an easy option… This can be done without downloading any software and off course without creating any .bat….
    Just follow these steps..
    1.Open task scheduler (click start and type task scheduler in search programs and open it).
    2.create basic task
    3.give the name and description as you please and click next
    4.Select how often you would use, i.e daily or weekly or one time… etc… and click next
    5.give the time for the process and date correctly and type in how often u would want to recur in days, then click next. start a program and click next.
    7.browse the program from “C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe”… May change according to where you have installed your windows… if D then replace C by D and so on… click on finish… and thats it…. may modify whenever u like… u may remove whenever you like by going to the task library under task scheduler….

    Hope you understood and sorry for poor english…

  42. neo says:

    Very nice windows 7 artcle. I like it so much.Please keep update your artcle about windows 7. thanks for sharing.

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  44. saiful says:

    thanks ….

  45. James says:

    i am not a fan of shutdown; would it work if i changed shutdown to hibernate?

  46. RAM says:

    I am trying for Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. But it always not works. Any idea?

  47. Simon says:

    Thanks,and I prefer to use method 2 which is easier

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