Windows 7 Enable or disable Hibernate

September 16th, 2011

Of all the power-saving states in Windows 7, hibernation uses the least amount of power,so you can enable hibernate to save more power or let you battery can support more time for you laptop.Below is a simple guide for how to enable or disable hibernate in Windows 7

1.Click Start ,go to All programsAccessories ,then click Command Prompt (Or click Start  type cmd in search box ,then press Enter)

2.To enable hibernate , type in command powercfg -h on then press Enter,to disable hibernate just type in command powercfg -h off then press enter

powercfg -h on


powercfg -h off

3.Exit command prompt window,now you have finished enable or disable hibernate in windows 7,and you can continue below steps to specify how long your laptop is inactive before hibernating

4.Go to Control Panel(small icons view) and click Power Options ,then click Change plan settings of your current power plan

4.Click Change advanced power settings

5.Navigate to Sleep and Hibernate after  to set a specified time

6.Click Ok to enable your setting.All done,now your windows 7 will hibernate after the specified time

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  1. […] On a laptop of windows 7, Hibernation is enabled by default to save power so that the battery can last longer,if you do not need this feature,please follow below steps to enable or disable hibernate in windows 7. […]

  2. Sard says:

    very useful tutorial. thanks

  3. Samuel says:

    It works ,hanks a bunch

  4. Rick says:

    I think we should keep this feature on and change adjust the hibernate after time will realize our purpose.


  5. Tushar says:

    Thanks for the command line solution.

  6. Jeff N says:

    My Dell laptop operating Windows 7 Home Premium today is now stuck on the tones of grey start up screen with the word ‘hibernating…’ on it with the rotating greenish circle indicating it is mid function.

    Trouble is that my 10 year old daughter doesn’t know what she did to cause this.

    It has been this way for hours now.

    I turned it off at the on/off button and restared it.

    It said ‘resuming windows’ and returned to the grey hibernating screen.

    What is going on ..and how do I get out of it?

  7. […] to Power buttons and lid / Power button actions ,to change the action such as hibernate or Do nothing when you press power […]

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