Windows 7 : Customize folder options

May 5th, 2009

In Windows 7 ,You can change the way files and folders function and how items are displayed on your computer by using Folder Options in Control Panel .


Also you can launch Folder Options from My Computer or Windows Explorer from the Organize tab.


Now you will launch the Folder Options windows,here everything just like in Windows XP, we can change the settings we want to do.Eg:show file extentions,hidden system files …


29 Responses to “Windows 7 : Customize folder options”

  1. george says:

    Thank you for your good advisory.

  2. George says:

    the customize tab is missing when I click on the properties option when I click on a picture file in My Pictures

  3. Ralph says:

    Re missing “Customize” tab, me too. Still trying to get rid of Windows 7’s low-visibility folders (in the left Windows Explorer pane); Microsoft’s attempt to be artsy – FAIL. The following (below) is wrong; the “Customize tab” doesn’t exist.

    Yes, you can change a folder’s icon from the default image.

    1. Right-click the folder that you want to change, and then click Properties.

    2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Customize tab.

  4. Paul says:


    I too cannot assign icons to my created folders in Windows 7 Ultimate. Could you kindly advise if the “CUSTOMIZE” tab is a hidden feature or if I need to enable it some other way.

  5. A different Paul says:

    If you are using Windows 7, the Customize tab wont appear in the properties if you accessed the folder through the Library. For it to appear, the folder needs to accessed through your actual User folder (e.g. Local Disk<Users<"Your Name").

  6. Chele says:

    Hi, Can someone please leave an idiots guide to how to add the CUSTOMISE tab to the folder properties please. I just cannot get my head around it!

  7. You can access througth:
    Hard Driver (ej. T105xxxx)>
    Owner(or your user name)>
    until find your folder and then…
    right click…Select Properties…
    and then You can see the Customize Tab

  8. rich says:

    how to I customize my folders and files to look like this: Picture, jpg, tif, movie files as large thumbnail icon. Word doc, pdf, email ave, excel as in detail mode. Can you customize current types of file to look a current way like in Vista doe automatically.

  9. Sticky3d says:

    The best way to get to the user folder is to click the start button. In the left column, at the very top of the list is your computer name or User ID. That is where the origninal folders exist – click on a plan-jane folder, select Properties, select the Customize tab, choose an icon. Whew!

  10. Elena says:

    Thanks heaps to “A Different Paul” for sharing how to customise a folder. I initially was able to do this then I couldn’t figure out why the customise tab was missing!!!! I thought I may have changed a setting in error. Great help.

  11. Paul says:

    Thanks “Paul” my response upon find this was WTF?

  12. Shower Screen  says:

    windows 7 is definitely the best OS aside from Windows Xp”*

  13. Shlomo says:

    “A Different Paul”.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    That’s great.

  14. TopherPUSA says:

    Help please.
    I want to be able to customize my folders so that I can see more file details. Default settings has folders displaying 4 standard details, “Name” “Date Modified” “Type” and “Size”
    I want to also be able to show about 16 other detail columns and apply those to be shown when I open any folder. (And delete columns that are useless in certain folders, and keep that setting saved)
    It seems Windows expects their users to do individually customize all their folders one by one. Surely this can’t be.

    Thanks for help!

  15. TopherPUSA says:

    One more thing…
    I want all folders to open in the “DETAILS” view. Unless I specify otherwise, (Like picture folders to open in “Small Icon” view.)

  16. fredgimz says:

    +1million to TopherPUSA,
    any help more than appreciated !

  17. trobdang says:

    Thank you A different Paul, that worked a treat

  18. Matthew says:

    Man, that’s annoying. Going through the user path just to customize a folder (especially if a person has many to do, or does it frequently) is time consuming, annoying, and inefficient. Why “fix” something that wasn’t broken? The right click option for this needs to be returned. Wake up MS – who’s bright idea was this? Kinda like my W7 phone, cannot email video, or customize my ringtone? Stupid…. maybe I really should be going over to MAC…

  19. ColinzNZ says:

    I would like to set different folders settings for many diff folders. Can all the above but this changes all folders i open from that point on-wards. Are the settings directly linked to each folder type?

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  22. maggie says:

    how do i save a file in a folder

  23. […] a bat file,for example, “shutdown.bat” (Customize folder options to show file extensions ,then create a text file and rename it to shutdown.bat ,then right click […]

  24. Robert says:

    How do I get rid of the navigation pain [sic] on some folders and leave it on others?

    I have been using some folders as menus and others for general data access. This inability to pin characteristics to a folder is driving me nuts. The “customize” option does nothing to control the layout.

    Further, the size and position of a folder display is no longer preserved.

    This is a BIG step backward – I may as well be using DOS 6.22 again.

    What am I missing?

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