Stream media to internet using windows media player

May 11th, 2012

Windows Media Player allows you to stream media from a home computer that stores digital media files to another computer connected to the Internet so you can access your media anywhere. Internet access to home media, or remote media streaming, frees you up from having to transport large media files on your laptop or digital media player if you want to play them on the go. Remote media streaming also allows you to use a laptop with limited storage capacity to access a potentially large media collection on a desktop computer or home server.



  • Two windows machine with internet connections
  • A supported online ID linked to your Windows user account


1.Open your windows media player,Click Steam then click Allow Internet access t o home media

2.Click Link an Online ID

3.Then click Add an Online ID provider

4.Click Download to download  Windows Live Essentials

5.Double click the installation file to install Windows live Essentials

6.Click Link an Online ID again

7.Then click  Link online ID

8.Input your Windows Live ID and Password ,then click Sign In

9.Then click OK

10.Click Allow Internet access to home media

11.Done on your home computer

12.On remote machine,repeat step 1~11 ,then you can access your home media(Under Other Libraries)

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