Set up website in windows 7

September 21st, 2011

Normally we can set up a website in windows 7 by enable iis 7 and asp in windows 7 ,this tutorial will show you a easier way to set up website in windows 7 using xammp  which contains php mysql apache and other services.

1.Download xammp from below link(ZIP or 7zip)

2.Extract the ZIP file you downloaded to your top level folder like “C:\” or “D:\” or “E:\” , etc.

3.Go to xammp folder and double click xampp-control.exe ,then get  Apache Start ,if necessary you can also get Mysql Start(see screenshot below)

4.Now you can launch or http://localhost  to confirm that you have set up a website successfully in windows 7,it’s  easier than set up a website by enable IIS and asp.

5.Some hints to configure your website.

a) Apache’s configuration file httpd.conf  locates in xammp/apache/conf

b)Your website’s default documentroot is xammp/htdocs

c)If you modified httpd.conf file,you need to restart apache service

d)After you finished your website setup you can install wordpress on windows 7 easily

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  1. junkiest says:

    Nice tutorial…. thanks !!!

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