Schedule a task in Windows 7

October 19th, 2011

In windows 7 ,you can use the Task Scheduler  to create a task that opens the program for you automatically according to the schedule you choose. Below steps will show you to schedule auto shutdown as an example.

1.Click Start ,type scheduler in your search box then press Enter to open Task Scheduler

2.In the right pane of Task Scheduler window,click Create Basic Task

3.Type a name for the task and an optional description, and then click Next

4.Select a schedule based on the calendar, click Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One time, click Next;

Then specify the time you want to use, and then click Next

5.Choose Start a program ,then click Next

6.Click Browse and select C:\Windows\System32\ and selece shutdown.exe as your program ,and add

/s //t 90 /c "your comments"

as arguments  (/t 90 will set the time-out period before shutdown as 90 seconds  ) ,then click Next

7.Click Finish

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