Resize partition free in Windows 7

October 27th, 2011

This tutorial will show you how to shrink or extand a partition free using built-in tool Disk Management

Please be noted you need to log on with an administrator account to do the below steps

Shrink a partition

1.Type partition in your search box then press Enter to launch Disk Management

2.Right click the partition you want to shrink and click Shrink Volume …

3.Enter the account of size you want to shrink from the partition then click Shrink,eg:I shrink 2000M size from my E: partition

4.Done.Then you can see there are 2000M(1.95G) disk space been shrinked

Extand a partition

1.Right-click the partition you wan to extand,then click Extand Volume…

2.In the wizard window,click Next ,then enter the amount of space you want to extend for this partition

3.Click Finish ,Done

Note:To extend a partition ,pls make sure there are unallocated or free space after the partition.Or you need to use 3rd party tool to expand a partition

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