Access ext4 ubuntu partition from windows 7

If you have both windows and ubuntu installed on your computer,you may find that it’s easy to access windows 7 partition from ubuntu.But windows 7 can not access ubuntu’s ext3 or ext4 partition by default.Below steps will show you how to use tool ext2fsd to access ubuntu partition from windows7   1.Download latest ext2fsd from […]

Install windows 7 step by step with screenshots

Below steps will show you how to install windows 7 using installation DVD or windows 7 bootable usb disk/stick with screenshots   Requirements: Windows 7 installation DVD or windows 7 bootable usb disk 30~50 minutes   1.Boot from your windows 7 installation DVD or bootable usb disk/stick (Press any key to continue if you are […]

Stream media to internet using windows media player

Windows Media Player allows you to stream media from a home computer that stores digital media files to another computer connected to the Internet so you can access your media anywhere. Internet access to home media, or remote media streaming, frees you up from having to transport large media files on your laptop or digital […]

Copy Windows 7 to new hard drive

If want to migrate your windows 7 OS to a new hard disk drive to avoid installing the old apps and settings,pls follow below steps to boot from your win 7 installation dvd to realize it. 1.shutdown your PC and connect your new hard drive(For laptop,pls remember to remove your battery) 2.Boot from your Windows […]

Use mklink command in Windows 7

This post will show you how to use mklink command in windows 7 ,and will also talk about difference between SYMLINK(option /D) and SYMLINKD(option /J) C:\>mklink /? Creates a symbolic link.   MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target   /D Creates a directory symbolic link. Default is a file symbolic link. /H Creates a hard […]

Split C Drive in Windows 7

Normally if you bought your laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed ,there only was on partition (C drive).Fortunately,we can resize partition free in windows 7 and below steps will show you how to split C drive to 2 or more partitions for free. 1.Right click My Computer then click Manager 2.In the left pane,select Disk Management ,then […]

Customize Command Prompt in Windows 7

In windows 7,You can customize  Command Prompt window,such as  changing its size, font, and even colors ,width. The same time you can save the settings independently for each shortcut that launches a Command Prompt so that you can make appropriate settings for different tasks. You can click the Control icon menu(or right click title bar) […]

Uninstall Drivers from Windows 7

Sometimes when you met weird hardware issues, you may need to uninstall old drivers to do troubleshooting.Below steps will show you how to uninstall drivers in windows 7. 1.Open an Elevated Command Prompt   (Go to Start — All Programs – Accessories, then right click Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator) 2.Run the below 2 command to launch Device Manager SET DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES=1SET […]

Disable Thumbnails in Windows 7 Explorer

You can disable thumbnails preview in windows 7 explorer to speed up browsing ,especially if there are thousands of pictures under a folder ,it will take a while to show all the thumbnails . 1.In your Explorer window,click Organize then click Folder and search options 2.Go to to View tab ,then you can check the […]

windows 7 netmeeting replacement

Netmeeting is not available in Windows 7 due to there are Dynamic Link Library conflicts .In Windows Vista you can use Windows Meeting Space as a replacement of netmeeting , but we still  cannot find this tool under Windows 7.Below list some features or tools as replacement of netmeeting in windows 7   Replacement One You […]