Install windows 7 step by step with screenshots

May 13th, 2012

Below steps will show you how to install windows 7 using installation DVD or windows 7 bootable usb disk/stick with screenshots




1.Boot from your windows 7 installation DVD or bootable usb disk/stick

(Press any key to continue if you are prompted  “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”)

2.Select your Language/Time/Keyboard ,then click Next

3.Click Install Now

4.Check the check-box to accept license term then click Next

5.Click Custom(Advanced)

6.Click Drive Options(Advanced)

(Note:If you already have old OS installed on you disk or have your disk partitioned,then go to step 10)

7.Click New to create a new partition

8.Type in the number MB you want to create for system partition(drive C) ,then click Apply

(Normally ,we should give drive C 20G disk space,if you have 160G larger disk,you can give drive C 50G disk space )

9.Click “Disk 0 unallocated Space…” ,then click New and use the left size for your drive D (Of course,you can repeat this step to create more partitions)

10.Select first partition(exclude system reserved partition) then click Next

(If your disk already have OS installed,pls make sure you select the correct partition or you may lose your data,normally we choose the 1st partition as system partition)

11.Then the system start installing,and this step will take some time
12.The will reboot after above step,please DO NOT press any keys when the system been reboot

13.No actions needed

14.Type a username and computer name

15.Type your windows product key (of course you can skip this step and active your windows 7 after installation)

16.Choose “Use recommend settings” will be ok

17.Review your time zone and date,then click Next

18.Choose your network location,normally you can choose “Home network”,then click Next

19.No action needed

20.Done.It’s very easy,isn’t it.If you still need help ,please leave a comment.

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