How to use sticky notes in Windows 7

April 16th, 2009

In windows 7,you can use Sticky Notes to write a to-do list,or to  jot down a phone number, or anything else that you’d use a pad of paper for. Sticky Notes can be used with either a Tablet PC and tablet pen, or with a standard keyboard.Below will give you the instruction about how to use Sticky Notes in Windows 7.

To create a new sticky note

1.Click Start button and then select Sticky notes


2.Now you can type any notes you want in the sticky notes windows,you can click the + sign or press Ctl+N to open a new one.


Note:To resize a note, drag an edge or corner of the note to make it larger or smaller.

To delete a sticky note

To delete a sticky note ,just click the Delete Note button or press Ctl+D

To change the color of a sticky note

Right-click the note that you want to change, and then click a color.


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