How to pin any item to taskbar in windows 7

August 10th, 2011

What do you want to pin to taskbar,actually you almost can pin any item to taskbar in windows 7.

Pin Applications / Programs to taskbar

It’s very easy to Pin Applications / Programs to taskbar in windows 7,just go to Start and locate the application you want to pin to taskbar then right click it and select Pin to Taskbar.See below screenshot as example.

Pin other Non-Application items to taskbar in Windows 7

1.Right-click a empty place  of you desktop,select NewShortcut

2.In this step,you can type in the command to pin what you want to be pin to taskbar

          2a)Pin file or folder to taskbar.

                 Just type in  explorer <full path of your file or folder> ,the below screenshot pin

                 D:\Downloads as an example


               2b)Pin Administrative Tools to taskbar in windows 7 ,just righ-click and

                      select Properties to get the target of  to tool,and type the target in



              2c)pin other item which could be format as “command” to taskbar in

                     windows 7,pls refer following posts

                        pin My Computer to taskbar

                        Pin shutdown restart icons to taskbar

                        pin lock screen shortcut to taskbar

3.Click Next and type a name for the shotcut and click Finish

4.Go to your desktop,right click this shortcut and select Properties

5.Go to Shortcut tab and click Change Icon

6.Type in shell32.dll or imageres.dll or wmploc.dll  in then press Enter to select proper icon for this shortcut

7.Go to you desktop and right-click this shortcut  and click Pin to Taskbar

8.All done,good luck.

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