How to make text or other items looks larger or smaller in windows 7

August 6th, 2011

In windows 7 ,you can make the text and other items, such as icons, on your screen easier to see by making them larger. You can do this without changing the screen resolution of your monitor or laptop screen. This allows you to increase or decrease the size of text and other items on your screen while keeping your monitor or laptop set to its optimal resolution.

1.Right click the empty place of your desktop and select Screen Resolution

2.Then click “Make text and other items larger or smaller”

3.Then you can select your text size to 125% or 150%

4.If you need other size,please select “Set custom text size(DPI)”

5.Click Apply.To see the change, close all of your programs and then log off of Windows. This change will take effect the next time you log on.

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