How to enable/disable BitLocker Drive Encryption in windows 7

April 25th, 2009

In windows 7,you can use BitLocker Drive Encryption to help protect all files stored on the drive Windows is installed on (operating system drive) and on fixed data drives (such as internal hard drives). Your can use BitLocker To Go to help protect all files stored on removable data drives (such as external hard drives or USB flash drives).

You can turn off BitLocker at any time, either temporarily by suspending it, or permanently by decrypting the drive.

To launch BitLocker Drive Encryption,just open Control Panel,then select BitLocker Drive Encryption.


To turn on BitLocker

Click Turn On BitLocker. This opens the BitLocker setup wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.



To turn off or temporarily suspend BitLocker

  • To temporarily suspend BitLocker, click Suspend Protection, and then click Yes.

  • To turn off BitLocker and decrypt the drive, click Turn Off BitLocker, and then click Decrypt Drive.


18 Responses to “How to enable/disable BitLocker Drive Encryption in windows 7”

  1. Dharmesh says:

    I have tried to encrypt data drive (100GB), during encryption electricity has gone. Now I when I am accessing the drive it asks me to enter password and after entering password system works on opening drive for about 5 to 6 hours, system hangs due to heavy hard disk usage but no progress is there. Please help if possible.

  2. kulpuia says:

    me encryptd a drive…and now wanna decrypt it…but cudn’t find the decrypt from the control panel…plz help me out

  3. BaDbOy07 says:

    to: Kulpuia
    go to >control panel>click bitlocker drive encryption>click turn off bitlocker then click decrypt

  4. Jays says:

    It’s much easier to just go to control panel, open Bitlocker, unlock the drive, then click on remove encryption

  5. Vikramaditya Sahani says:

    It’s really work!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wadzar says:

    I forget my password for bitlocker drive encryption, I need your help.

  7. ahmed says:

    i opened the cotrol panel but i didnot find the bitlocker option in it….please help me

  8. you did not answer the question says:

    is there a way to “PERMANETLYY” remove bitlocker (to go) from a removable dr.

  9. vividh says:

    I couldn’t get the “suspend Protection” option anywhere. Please tell me how could I temporarily off the protection.

  10. raj yadav says:

    its seems to be good to be working process…

    +91 9752577677

  11. yash says:

    i totally decrypt my drive thnxx…….,,,

  12. Sun says:

    Need to disable the option to ” Turn off bitlocker” for the users. So that users donot turn off encryption . How to achieve ?
    Note the users have admin access.

  13. i want to descript the bitlocked drive i am not able to descript the drive.when i drops the password then display
    the Error massage io error i am not understand about io error how i will discript the drive…………

  14. My Nuber is 08603170467 pls provide the solution…..

  15. saaha says:

    i have on bitlocker but it is not complete then my electrcity is off now my hard is noy shown plz help me

  16. zakarias says:

    thank you

  17. Bibash says:

    There’s only my system drive present in the BitLocker option…But not my other drives… What should i do to encrypt the other drives

  18. rajkidsun says:

    Hi. I use bitlocker on a 500 gb partiton in my hard drive. Windows 7 is also installed in the same drive. before it was all fine but since this morning i hvnt been able to start windows(it hangs at the welcome screen). I switched on the computer then I enter the numerical bitlocker password ….then it hangs at the welcome screen. I tried accessing the Bitlocker encrypted drive from other operating systems….the drive is shown as locked. when i tried to open it, it prompts for the password. when I enter the password the computer freezes. Plis help me out. I have important datas in that drive.

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