How to Change Windows7 display Language

February 21st, 2010

This tutorial shows how to change your Windows 7 display language.

First,open Control Panel from Start menu–>Click Clock,Language,and Region option–>Click “Change display language”below the Region and language option

then,in this screen click “Install/Uninstall languages”–>”Install display languages”–>”Launch Windows Update”
Click “available optional updates” in following screen
Now,you can select to install your prefer language package in following:
After install the language package,go to the second screenshot and select your language in “Choose a display language” drop-down box.

5 Responses to “How to Change Windows7 display Language”

  1. Guven TEPEBAS says:

    1. Download language pack,
    2. Download Vistalizator.exe
    3. Change Language
    4. Enjoy.

  2. wooseona says:

    i cant see ” change display language” on region and language option.

  3. gautam says:

    that is display language, i am asking for system language, which was original and comes with computer and shows up when you need to repair computer

  4. Ali says:

    Hello. I worry you from Azerbaijan. I ask and help me from you please. How installing Windows 7 system for MUI ? Windows 7 system for MUI Name of program.

  5. jake says:

    for all those who are confused, this option to change either system or display language is only available to windows 7 ULTIMATE users

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