How to auto logon your windows 7 desktop

April 16th, 2009

As you know,when we install the windows 7,we were prompt to create the username and password by default.So when we startup ,we must input a password to logon windows 7.Below will give you a simple  guide about how to logon your windows 7.

1.Go to Control panel,click User Accounts.

cpuseraccount2.Then in the new windows,click  Remove your password


3.Now in the next windows,input your password and click Remove Password


3.Done,the next time you start your windows 7,you will auto logon to desktop directly.

Note:You can auto logon your windows 7 only when you only have one user account of your windows 7

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  1. rsergio says:

    Guys Logonexpert tool can perform Windows 7 autologon and keeps logon password encrypted not “plain-texted” in registry

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