How to add or pin lock screen shortcut to taskbar in windows 7

August 7th, 2011

If you are finding a one-click way  to lock your windows 7 screen,here it is,please follow below instruction.

1.Right-click a empty place  of you desktop,select NewShortcut

2.In the new bringed up windows type in the following line:

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation


3.Then click Next and input a name for this shortcut,Eg:Lockscreen ,then click Finish

4.Go to your desktop,right click this shortcut and select Properties

5.Go to Shortcut tag and click Change Icon

6.Type in shell32.dll in then press enter then select proper icon

7.Go to you desktop and right-click shortcut Lockscreen and click Pin to Taskbar

8.Done,now you can see the lock screen shortcut been show on your taskbar,and you can delete the shortcut from your desktop

3 Responses to “How to add or pin lock screen shortcut to taskbar in windows 7”

  1. Locksmiths in Sanfrancisco says:

    Thank you for sharing.It seems very essential blog for windows7 user.

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  3. Kristian Carlsson says:

    Thank you! Works great!!

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