Fix can’t connect to samba shares issue windows 7

August 14th, 2011

If you met could not connect to samba shares /servers issue in windows 7,and you are sure that the samba server works well,please follow the below instrunction to troubleshoot your Windows 7 settings.

Method One

1.Go to Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy / Local Policies / Security Options ,

2.Change Network security: LAN Manager authentication level  to Send LM & NTLM responses

3.Double click Network security: Minimum session security for NTLM SSP based (including secure RPC) clients/servers ,then uncheck require 128-bit encryption

4.Done.Please try to connect to samba shares again now.

Method Two

         If you are using Windows 7 home edition,because there is no Local Security Policy ,so you need to tweak you registry to realize the LmCompatibilityLevel .

1.Go to Start ,type in regedit ,then press Enter to open Registry Editor

2,Brower to :


   in the right pane,right click to create a DWORD Value ,name it to LmCompatibilityLevel ,and set the value to “0”

3.Brower to :


  then double click to set the value of NtlmMinClientSec and NtlmMinServerSec to  “0”

4.Reboot and try to connect to samba shares again

Methon Tree

      If you ever could connect to samba shares recently,pls go to Credential Manager to check if some of your credentials are obsoleted .

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  1. SeeDoubleYou says:

    Hey, I’ve tried your fix (method 2), but it didn’t work. Is there any other way with widows 7 home edition?

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