Enable / Disable Guest Account in Windows 7

August 18th, 2011

In windows 7 ,if you want someone to have temporary access to your computer, you can enable the guest account. People using the guest account can’t install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password. Because the guest account allows a user to log on to a network, browse the Internet, and shut down the computer, you should disable the guest account when it isn’t being used.

1.Go to Control Panel ,click User Accounts then click Manage Another Account

2.You will see Guest account is of by default

3.Click the Icon of Guest account ,then click Turn on to enable guest account

4.If you want to set a password for Guest account,go Start ,right-click My Computer and click Manage.

5.Browe to System Tools – Local Users and Groups – Users ,in the right pane,right-click guest and click Set Password 

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  1. Igor says:

    Guest account on my Win 7 computer can install all programs. Please help me stop it!

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