Enable Classic Logon Screen in Windows 7

August 16th, 2011

Method One

Enable Classic Logon Screen using Local Security Policy Editor

1.Lauch Local Security Policy Editor and go to Local Policies / Security Options

2.In the right pane,scroll down and double click “Interactive login:Do not display last user name”  then enable it.

3.Done,Now you have enable classic Logon Screen in windows 7

Method Two

         If you are using Windows 7 Home Premium which does not include Local Security Policy Editor,Please tweak your registry to enable this feature.

1.Open Registry Editor(Click Start ,then type regedit ,then press ENTER)

2.Browse  to :


3.In the right pane of System ,double click dontdisplaylastusername and  modify the value to “1″

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  1. dustin says:

    I Have Windows 7 Starter And I Tried it Did Not Work.

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