Enable Auto Login in Windows 7

November 21st, 2009

If you have set a password for your windows7 user,you need to enter the password every time login this user.There is a way to enable auto login which also works for XP and Vista.
1.Go to Start->Run(type “run” in search field),type “control userpasswords2″(without quotes) and click OK.
Alternatively,click Start and search netplwiz in search field.
2.After step one ,you will see this screen.Just select the user you want to login automatically,and uncheck “User must enter a user name and password to use this computer”

Following I enabled “wraith” user to auto login:


Click on Apply,and you’ll be asked to enter the user password.

3 Responses to “Enable Auto Login in Windows 7”

  1. win 7 zilla says:

    Many thanks for your beneficial piece of information. I have been inquiring for this for ages in many sites. Windows 7 is a wondrous software ever. I recommend Win7Zilla to tweak Windows 7 efficiently

  2. nick says:

    why don’t you just remove password
    if you don’t want to enter pw

  3. Fried says:

    You could probs make it ask for password for admin tasks. But this way u dont have to pw to log in. Idk but good point

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