Social welfare
Since its establishment, Mingxin Company has been practicing the concept of public welfare, devoting itself to public welfare activities, practicing corporate social responsibility, accumulating small goodness, and achieving great love.

Mingxin actively responded to the invitation of the Pearl House to support the [Recover Pearl Project] charity project, encourage employees to actively participate in the "Love Donation" activity, and help high school students in difficult remote areas complete their three-year high school education.

Mingxin Labor Union has given charity to many employees who have difficulties in work and life, and has established a long-term mechanism in life, education assistance, medical care and other aspects to create a good atmosphere of mutual love and mutual assistance.

Mingxin regards environmental protection as its own responsibility. The concept of environmental protection is accompanied by the growth of Mingxin Enterprise. We firmly believe that an excellent company should regard environmental protection as its social responsibility while pursuing economic benefits.