• Respect Customer

    Customer is always our god, to meet the needs of customers is our primary goal
    1. Respect every customer, anytime and anywhere to maintain the new image;
    2. Standing in the customer's position to think about the problem, on the basis of adhering to the principle, and finally achieve customer and company satisfaction;
    3. Have advanced service consciousness, nip in the bud;
    4. Said to do, if promised things can not be done should be explained in advance, and reach a consensus with the customer;
  • Quick Response

    In the fast-developing information age, only fast can development be possible, and only fast can be trusted
    1. Today’s things are done today, and only work-related things are done during working hours;
    2. When all the work processes are in the hands of individuals, they are completed as soon as possible, without any delay or delay due to personal reasons;
    3. Able to correctly arrange work priorities according to priorities, and do the right things as quickly as possible;
  • Teamwork

    Complementary strengths, open mind to cross-functional collaboration, build the ability to work effectively with people with different styles and characteristics, and ultimately achieve common goals
    1. Company goals are greater than department goals, and department goals are greater than personal goals to ensure that the goals are achieved;
    2. Actively integrate into the team, actively share their business knowledge and experience with colleagues of different styles, and take the initiative to give colleagues necessary help;
    3. During the planning process, express your opinions frankly and give constructive opinions and suggestions. When the superiors make the final decision, they must be strictly implemented;
  • Honesty&Innovation

    Objectively pursue and achieve goals, actively try new methods and ideas, and be able to actively influence others
    1. Actively do what you know or have confidence in, don't follow blindly, and have your own thoughts and judgments;
    2. Seek truth from facts with an attitude of excellence, and don't make decisions based on feelings;
    3. Do not stick to the status quo, meet challenges, take the initiative to learn new methods and perspectives, and create an environment to promote change;
    4. Have a forward-looking consciousness, establish new methods and new ideas, constantly improve themselves, and benchmark first-class enterprises;