• Employee benefit protection
    The company always upholds that people are the primary productive force for development, and creates a working environment where all employees participate in management. It has carried out QC activities, rationalization suggestions, five-star employees, five-star cadre selection activities, and gave employees space to "voice"; regularly organize employee satisfaction Investigate, analyze in time, and quickly respond to key livelihood issues that employees are concerned about.
  • Safety in production
    The establishment of the “Ecological and Environmental Safety Year” guides all employees to pay attention to safe production and healthy production. Through thematic activities, accident emergency plans and drills, awareness training, points, garbage classification, knowledge contests and other activities, employees can learn from work and practice In practice, the safety accident rate dropped from the previous month, and a large number of excellent safety guards, safety guards, and model pacesetters emerged, establishing a good safety production atmosphere.
  • Occupational Health
    Care for the occupational health of employees, conduct standardized monitoring of occupational hazards in the working environment, and distribute labor protection supplies in accordance with regulations; comprehensive coverage of occupational health, timely follow-up visits and job transfers for individuals with occupational risks, to ensure that employees are in a safe working environment jobs.
  • Home purchase fund
    Set up a 3 million rolling "fund pool" to reduce the burden on employees for their first home purchase in Jiaxing, help employees to "live and work in peace and contentment", better attract and retain core talents in key positions, and optimize the construction of the talent team.
  • On-the-job education to improve education
    Encourage employees to learn at work and always maintain their ability to learn. Reward policies of 100,000, 260,000, and 500,000 are given to associate, undergraduate, and postgraduate respectively, which greatly motivates employees to learn on the job.