Disable winsat.exe in windows 7

May 25th, 2012

WINSAT.EXE is name for Windows Assessment tool,which will perform some tests(include processor, memory, primary hard disk, graphics, and gaming graphics) on the system to evaluate the Windows Experience Index.

It’s not a key process of windows 7 and we can disable winsat.exe in Task Scheduler


1.Click start button,type scheduler in search box,then click Task Scheduler

2.In the left pane,browse to Microsoft — Windows –Maintenance.In find WinSAT in the middle pane,right click it and click disable

3.Done.You just disable winsat.exe from your windows 7

2 Responses to “Disable winsat.exe in windows 7”

  1. Rebecca Hidalgo says:

    Hello, can’t find the maintenace file under my windows file, where else can I look? Windows Vista.

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