Disable / turn off the annoying Force Shutdown prompt in Windows 7

August 12th, 2011

In windows 7,Programs sometimes prevent Windows from shutting down properly. When that happens, the screen darkens and Windows indicates which programs are preventing the computer from shutting down, and sometimes why.

The darkened screen displays two buttons: Force shutdown and Cancel. Clicking Force shutdown closes all programs, closes Windows, and then turns off your computer. If you click this button, you might lose any work that you haven’t saved, so if you need to save files, click Cancel to return to Windows and save your work.

If you want to disable this annoying Force Shutdown prompt in windows7,please refer the below post:

How to Pin shutdown restart icons to taskbar in Windows 7

Please remember to replace the shutdown command with

Shutdown.exe -f -s -t 00

You can pin this shortcut to Taskbar ,alternatively you also can justĀ  put it on your desktop,in this case you may want to remove the arrows on the desktop shortcut

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