Disable do you want to run this file prompt in Windows 7

August 22nd, 2011

In Windows 7,sometimes when may met annoying promt “do you want to run this file” when we were opening a file,like screenshot below:

If you want to disable “do you want to run this file” promt in Windows 7,pls follow below steps:

Method One

1.Launch  Local Group Policy Editor ,and go to User Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Windows Components/ Attachment Manager

2.In the right Pane,double-click Inclusion list for low file types ,select the Enable check box,and type in which type of files which you want to disable this kind of prompt,see screenshot

3.Click Apply then Ok,then close Local Group Policy Editor window.

4.Done. The same way,if you want to enable this prompt for these kinds of files,pls enable  Do not preserve zone information in file attachments .(see screenshot of step 1)

Method Two

For Windows 7 home premium ,there is no  Local Group Policy Editor ,so please download below registry file to tweak your registry to disable this annoying prompt.


Tip:Unzip this file,then double-click file Disableprompt.reg to disable “do you want to run this file” prompt.(You can right-click/Edit to customize the file types yourself) .

3 Responses to “Disable do you want to run this file prompt in Windows 7”

  1. Jake says:

    Thanks for the help, and this really works for my system.

  2. Jai says:

    Jake ^^^
    Don’t you have anything better to do on Christmas day 😛

  3. Mattias says:

    If you keep getting this prompt on the startup, “Do you want to run this file?”, then you might want to check out this thread:


    The user Razznuts gives a solution that worked for me:


    Thanks for the link. I learned something. I canceled each window and then copied to the desktop…under properties I unblocked each and then copied files back to System32 location…then rebooted…and WALAH! no more pop ups on startup. Just the one about the Fujitsu menu tray closing.

    Thanks to all on this thread for all your help. Great to use the new functions of Photoshop CS5.”

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