Copy Windows 7 to new hard drive

March 26th, 2012

If want to migrate your windows 7 OS to a new hard disk drive to avoid installing the old apps and settings,pls follow below steps to boot from your win 7 installation dvd to realize it.

1.shutdown your PC and connect your new hard drive(For laptop,pls remember to remove your battery)
2.Boot from your Windows 7 Installation DVD    (Press any key if been prompted)
3.Select Language — Keyboard ,then click “Repair your computer”

4.Press SHIFT+F10 to bring command line window up

5.Use command DISKPART to create a new primary partition on your new hard disk.Eg:

list disk
select disk 1
create partition primary size=30000
list partition
select partition 0
format fs=ntfs quick

6.In the diskpart,select your old disk,and assign your old system partition a non-C  drive letter,Eg:

select disk 0
list partition
select partition 0
assign letter=H:

7.Using DISKPART and select the partition your create in step 5 and assign drive letter C: to it

8.Exit from diskpart ,then using DIR command to verify the drive letters have been changed successfully.Eg:


9.Copy windows 7 installation from your old disk to new hard disk

robocopy h:\ c:\ /mir /copy:datso /r:2 /w:2 /zb /np /tee /log:rbcp.log

10.Put boot sector to your new hard disk using below command

bootsect  /nt60 C:

(Optional you can use bcdedit command to verify the boot info is correct,if it’s wrong,step 12 will fix it)

11.shutdown,remove your old hard disk then boot again to check if you get your old windows 7 installation copying to new hard drive successfully

12.If you are prompted to repair your computer again,just let your windows 7 installation DVD to repair it automatically.


Note:I have tested the above steps and it worked,pls comment if you get any problems


Updated 23/Apr 2012: If you have a usb disk,it’s easier to do this using system backup and restore,you can refer Move Windows 7 to New Hard Disk

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