Use Chkdsk to Check disk in windows 7

May 24th, 2012

In windows 7 ,we can use chkdsk to check a drive for errors,we can check the computer’s primary hard disk to fix some performance issues, or check an external hard drive if it’s not working properly.Chkdsk can fix file system error even can recover bad sectors.

1.Click Start Menu then click Computer

2.Right click the drive you want to check and select Properties

3.Go to tab Tools ,then click Check Now

4.Click Start.You also can select “Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors” to¬† find and repair physical errors on the drive which can take much longer to complete

5.For Non-system drive you can click “Force a dismount” to force chkdsk to check this drive for you.Or you can click cancel then click Schedule disk check then reboot to let windows check disk during booting


Note:For system drive(normally it’s C: drive),you only can Schedule disk check since it’s always been used by system,then just reboot to let system to check disk for you during booting

6.Checking disk .(This step only happens on Non-system drive

)7.Checking disk just been finished.(Also only happens for Non-system drive)

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