Cannot delete icons files folders from desktop in windows 7

September 21st, 2011

If you met the issue that cannot remove icons or files or folders from desktop in windows 7,pls follow the below steps to troubleshooting,normally the root cause is that the icons or files or folders are used by other processes.

1.Press key F5 to refresh your desktop then try to delete it again

2.Go to the desktop folder ,C:\users\<your user name>\desktop ,then try to delete the item

3.If you get the error message like “The action can’t be completed because file is open…”,pls follow the below post to end the process which is using the item you want to remove

Windows 7 how to Delete File being used

4.Reboot and try again

5.If your issue is cannot delete icon from desktop,you can refer

How to delete Windows 7 unremovable desktop icons

6.If all the above steps do not work,you may need to 3-rd party tool such as File Assassin or Unlocker or Delete Doctor

7.If you just want to remove recycle bin icon or other system icons,pls refer:
How to hide or show Recycle Bin on the desktop in windows 7

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