Add run as administrator to right click in windows 7

October 12th, 2011

In windows 7 ,only part of file types have run as administrator in right click context menu,such as .exe .bat ,so sometimes if we want to open some file type without run as administrator in right click,we must go to start menu to right click to open the application with administrator privilege ,then open the file again,this is annoying.Below is an example of how to add run as administrator to right click menu for .zip files,and this method should also works for other file types.

1.Click Start ,type regedit then press Enter to open Registry Editor

2.Browse to


in the right pane ,remember the data value of Default ,it is WinRAR.ZIP which mean application WinRAR is used to open .zip file

3.Since the data value in step 2 is WinRAR.ZIP, so we browse to


Then right click command and export it to a .reg file ,see screenshot below

4.Then right-click this .reg file and select Edit  ,then change “open” to “runas

5.Double click this .reg file to import it to your registry.If there is UAC or warning prompts ,just click Yes or OK

6.Done.Now you can find run as administrator has been added to right click context menu

2 Responses to “Add run as administrator to right click in windows 7”

  1. Macco says:

    Surprisingly well-written and ifnoartmive for a free online article.

  2. Pablo says:

    Like Macco said five years ago … very well done … and with the passing of years Windows 7 is still makes tough for fossils like me to bid adiu to XP. Thanks ever so much for your post.

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