Access ext4 ubuntu partition from windows 7

May 14th, 2012

If you have both windows and ubuntu installed on your computer,you may find that it’s easy to access windows 7 partition from ubuntu.But windows 7 can not access ubuntu’s ext3 or ext4 partition by default.Below steps will show you how to use tool ext2fsd to access ubuntu partition from windows7


1.Download latest ext2fsd from

2.Right-click the ext2fsd exe file and click “Run as administrator”

3.Follow the instructions to continue,check the checkbox to enable write permission for ext2 and ext3 partition,see below screenshot

4.Seems this tool is not so friendly ,so pls click Tools–Service Management then click Start to make sure ext2fsd service is enabled ,then click Apply

5.Now right-click the ext3/4 partition you want to access and select  “Ext2 management” ,then deselect “Mount volume in Readonly mode” and select  “Automacically mount via ext2mgr” and assign it a drive letter ,then click Apply

6.Done.Now you have the read and write permission to this ubuntu ext3 /ext4 partition

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