msvbvm50.dll is missing in windows 7

msvbvm50.dll is one dll file of Visual Basic 5.0 Run-Time Files,and windows 7 have VB 6.0 Run-Time environment .You may got error like “msvbvm50.dll is missing” or “msvbvm50.dll was not found” when you install a very old application which require VB 5.0 Run-Time.If you have this issue ,just try below solutions 1.Download  Msvbvm50.exe  here(from Microsoft) 2.Double […]

Install Windows Media Player 10 in Windows 7

Below steps will show you how to uninstall Windows Media player 12 and install windows media player 10 in Windows 7. 1.Remove Windows media player 12 from Windows 7 ,then restart your computer Click Start button,type Programs and features in search box ,then click Programs and Features Click Turn Windows features on or off in […]

Disable Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7

If you install an older version program in Windows 7, Program Compatibility Assistant may notice you if there is a problem and offers to fix it the next time you run the program.And Program Compatibility Assistant will block this program from running if the compatibility issue is serous.If that happens you will see below window popped up. […]

Reinstall Windows Media Player in Windows 7

If your windows media player didn’t work properly and you can’t fix it in short time,it’s better to reinstall it,here we go 1.Click Start button,search “programs and features” ,then click “Programs and Features” 2.In the left pane,click “Turn Windows features on or off” 3.Expand “Media Center”,then deselect “windows media player” 4.The system will also uninstall […]

IE9 Enable Favorites Bar

If you just upgrade your internet explorer to IE 9,you may found the favorites bar was not enabled by default in IE 9.It’s simple,below steps will show you how to enable Favorites bar and command bar in IE 9 1.Open your Internet explore 9 (IE 9) 2.Right click an empty place next to New Tab […]

Disable winsat.exe in windows 7

WINSAT.EXE is name for Windows Assessment tool,which will perform some tests(include processor, memory, primary hard disk, graphics, and gaming graphics) on the system to evaluate the Windows Experience Index. It’s not a key process of windows 7 and we can disable winsat.exe in Task Scheduler   1.Click start button,type scheduler in search box,then click Task […]

Use Chkdsk to Check disk in windows 7

In windows 7 ,we can use chkdsk to check a drive for errors,we can check the computer’s primary hard disk to fix some performance issues, or check an external hard drive if it’s not working properly.Chkdsk can fix file system error even can recover bad sectors. 1.Click Start Menu then click Computer 2.Right click the […]

Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 IE 9 in windows 7

If you are trying to uninstall IE 9 from you windows 7 because of some problems of the internet explorer 9,just follow steps below. 1.Click Start button,type Programs and Features in the search box,then click Programs and Features 2.In the left pane ,click View installed updates 3.In the right pane,scroll down to Microsoft Windows ,find […]

Windows 7 forgot/recover login password

In windows 7 ,we can set a password to  protect your computer from hackers and other unwelcome users.If you just forgot your windows 7 login password,don’t worry,below steps will show you how to recover your login password using your windows 7 installation DVD(Of course if you don’t have a DVD drive ,you also can using […]

windows 7 create system repair disk on usb

In windows 7,a system repair disc can be used to boot your PC,it contains Windows system recovery tools that can help you recover Windows from a serious error or restore your computer from a system image. It’s very easy to create a system repair disk on CD/DVD in windows 7,but below steps will show you […]